Aitchistion College

Aitchison College  is a free, semi-private young men school for boarding and day understudies from review 1– 13. The school is situated in Lahore, Pakistan.

Built up in 1886 as Aitchison College, it has a convention of giving a training that utilizations scholastics, games, and co-curricular exercises as instruments for character advancement. The school takes after an educational modules intended to come full circle in International General Certificate of Education and AS Level/A Level capabilities and is designed towards planning understudies for college training. Very nearly 90% of young men who graduate investigation abroad for their single man program with numerous picking up section to the world’s best colleges. The establishment is the main Cambridge Examination Center arranged in a school. Aitchison College is an individual from G20 Schools of the World and is perceived as the pioneer of instruction in Pakistan.

It was initially shaped on November 3, 1886, as the Punjab Chiefs’ College and was renamed Aitchison College on November 13, 1886. The school praised its 130th commemoration in 2016.[citation needed] yet it can be followed back to 1868 as the Wards School. Amballla, India, after which it turned into a Chiefs’College in Lahore.


On November 3, 1886, the Viceroy Earl of Dufferin and Ava established the framework stone of the primary building. The building was outlined by Bhai Ram Singh and worked by Sir Ganga Ram, one a main modeler and the other a main developer of that time.

The College is named after the then Lt. Legislative head of the Punjab, Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, who, tending to the understudies in 1888, stated:

Much, in particular, is anticipated from you. I believe you will utilize well the open doors here managed of you both for your instruction and for the arrangement of your character. … This is a foundation from which you will expel everything in thought and word and act that is mean, shameful or debased, and in which you will develop everything that is ethical, genuine, masculine and polite.


The historical backdrop of Aitchison College backpedals to the Ward’s School at Ambala which was imagined in 1864 by Captain Tighe, at that point D.C. of Ambala. Set up in 1868, it was initially proposed for the training of youthful rulers of the District however on the request of Sir Henry Davies, it augmented its extension in 1874 to provide food for the instruction of the various beneficiaries of the Princely states living in different parts of Punjab. The present constitution of Aitchison College is as yet in light of the arrangement of guidelines confined for the Wards’ School.Wards School at Ambala[edit]

Due to this consistent history from Wards School to Chiefs’ College to Aitchison College the school is seemingly 150 years of age in 2018.

Aitchison College

On November 13, 1886, a couple of days after the establishment stone of Chiefs College was laid, the school was renamed Aitchison College. Development of the principle building, now known as Old Building, started in 1887 and was done in 1890, alongside an exercise center and a clinic. Not long after from that point onward, the fundamental building turned into the focal point of scholastic life at Aitchison, moving classes from their past areas in the motel and leased lodges. Development on different structures proceeded as the school pulled in more wards and sovereigns.

A few endeavors were made to give offices to physical instruction. In 1896, a cricket structure was fabricated, and work started on a polo field. After a year, preparing in cricket, football, field hockey, and tennis was begun. Following Aitchison’s win in neighborhood sports rivalries, the Aitchison Challenge Cup was built up to respect the best sportsmen every year. In 1905, ACOBA (Aitchison College Old Boys Association) was built up to enable the graduated class of the school to go up against the present understudies in an occasion that united the graduated class every year. In 1907, Aitchison College began sending contingents of games groups to contend with schools outside Lahore and was permitted to have contingents from different schools. Swimming offices were created in 1923 and the Rani of Mandi Cup was built up to respect the best swimmer of the year. The games framework soon advanced as rivalries between the houses started in 1928. Hockey and tennis courts were built up in 1938.

The school likewise offers a few additional curricular exercises and honors. In the main portion of the twentieth century, the school started to offer honors to a portion of its best understudies, he most mainstream of which were those for best paper author and best debater. Moreover, the main Rivaz award for best leaving kid at Aitchison College was made in 1906. The school likewise first distributed “Pioneer” production in 1936. The Prize Distribution Day service, now known as Founders Day, held yearly in May, was begun in 1892. The Prize Distribution was later partitioned into two separate services: Founders Day Academics and Founders Day Sports.

The school likewise has a background marked by giving religious training and lodging. A mosque was developed for religious training of Muslim understudies in 1900, and a Dharamsala was made in 1913. A different Sikh chaos was sorted out in 1907, trailed by the production of a different kitchen for Halal sustenance in 1938. A mandir was additionally developed, which was later overhauled to hold the Principal’s office. Religious instruction was later made necessary for Hindu and Sikh understudies. Until 1933, the school implemented a decide that different motel should exist for Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs.

Aitchison College has additionally switched its building make-up finished the years. A different working for the Preparatory School, which presently holds classes for levels 6– 8, was built in 1915, and the officials framework was set up two years after the fact. The school ended up partnered with Cambridge University in 1933. In 1935, the strategy of confirmation was widened to incorporate conventional young men from encompassing zones. Following this approach, a different house, Jubilee, was set up for day young men. Classes for levels 9– 13 were moved from the primary working to the recently built Barry Block (Senior School) in 1948. Following the freedom of Pakistan in 1947, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was named Patron in Chief of the College in 1948. A different working for Junior School, for Grades 1– 5, was worked in 1964. War amongst India and Pakistan in 1965 disturbed school exercises for some time however typical school year continued not long after truce. Various present day structures were built on the grounds close to the finish of the twentieth century, including an amphitheater, an extensive library, PC and science research facilities, lodging for staff individuals, a riding school, and squash and b-ball courts.

Association and educational modules

Scholastic association

Aitchison College is separated into three regulatory schools:

  • Junior School (Grades K1– K6)
  • Private academy (Grades E2-M2)
  • Senior School (Grades C1– H2) IGCSE Level and A Level

Aitchison College is a CIE Examination Center and takes after: Cambridge Primary Curriculum (Grades 2 to 6) Cambridge Secondary Curriculum (Grades 7 to 9) In 2018, Aitchison College will acquaint Cambridge IGCSE with supplant O Level.

Aitchison College is the principal school in Pakistan to be admitted to the G20 Group of World Schools and is a Cambridge Examination Center.

Educational programs

The Senior School offers arrangement for [IGCSE) from University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), following the British Cambridge Assessment framework. The evaluations 9 through 11 are set up for International IGCSE or O Level (identical to national Secondary School Certificate or SSC) and grades 12 and 13 are set up for International Camrbidge AS and AS/A Level.

The national educational programs was likewise accessible to understudies of evaluations 9 and 10 who did not wish to seek after the worldwide board examinations until 2002. It was wiped out by Principal Shamim Khan because of basic issues and inconsistency of O level and metric frameworks. In 2016, Principal Michael Thomson presented Cambridge educational program all through the entire school in 2017. Elementary School and Middle School have now received Cambridge syllabuses for English, Mathematics and Sciences. In 2018, the College will offer the full IGCSE and Cambridge International AS/A Levels.

Purposes of separation at Aitchison are: meta insight courses held by old kid scholastics, reception of the Harkness Table approach and fitness testing in Prep School.


Each school is subdivided into houses that have individuals from each review of that school. Houses are intended to advance between house rivalries and mentorship openings, drove by regents and housemasters. Before 1947, Leslie-Jones House filled in as a day-visitors’ home while Godley House was fundamentally the house for Hindu and Sikh understudies and Kelly House was the assigned motel for Muslim young men. Bahawalpur House was revived in 2017 as a house for M2 guests.

School counseling

The Higher Education and Career Office at the College gives understudies the most a la mode data on colleges and present day professions. Applications are sent to colleges in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Netherlands and Pakistan.The College has a long record of uncommon college confirmation comes about, including the Ivy League.


The College is noted for its uncommon co-curricular understudy clubs, most eminently its Model United Nations Society(ACMUN) which is viewed as outstanding amongst other High School MUN groups in Pakistan and one of only a handful couple of Pakistani groups that have won in rivalries, for example, The Harvard  MUNs. The College’s Debating Society(ACDS) likewise has created a portion of Pakistan’s best speakers with some going ahead to be a piece of Pakistan’s World Schools Debating Championships group.

Physical education

Understudies need to select in two games toward the start of each winter. In summer, one game is picked other than swimming, which is obligatory. The decisions incorporate games, b-ball, cricket, football, hockey, yard tennis, water polo, riding, squash, badminton, and table tennis. The College acquainted Sports Academies in 2017 with advance remarkable sportsmanship.