Asian games

The Asian Games, otherwise called Asiad, is a mainland multi-sport occasion held at regular intervals among competitors from all over Asia.

Asian games
Asian games

The Games were directed by the Asian Games Federation (AGF) from the principal Games in New Delhi, India, until the 1978 Games. Since the 1982 Games, they have been sorted out by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), after the separation of the Asian Games Federation. The Games are perceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and are portrayed as the second biggest multi-sport occasion after the Olympic Games.


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Nine countries that have facilitated the Asian Games

There have been nine countries that have facilitated the Asian Games. Forty-six countries have taken an interest in the Games, including Israel, which was prohibited from the Games after their last investment in 1974.

Asian games
Asian games

The latest games was held in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia from 18 August to 2 September 2018. The following games are planned to be held in Hangzhou, China from 10 – 25 September 2022. Since 2010, have urban areas are contracted to deal with the Asian Games and the Asian Para Games, the last an occasion for competitors with physical conditions to rival one another. The Asian Para Games are held quickly following the Asian Games


The Asian Games Movement utilizes images to speak to the beliefs typified in the Asian Games sanction. The Asian Games proverb is “Ever Onward” which was structured and proposed by Guru Dutt Sondhi upon the production of the Asian Games Federation in 1949.

Asian games
Asian games

The Asian Games image is a splendid sun in red with 16 beams and a white hover in its plate which speaks to the ever glinting and warm soul of the Asian individuals.


Principle article: List of Asian Games mascots

Since the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, India, the Asian Games have had a mascot, typically a creature local to the zone or sporadically human figures speaking to the social legacy.


Olympic Council of Asia

Every one of the 45 individuals partnered to the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) are qualified to partake in the Games.

Asian games
Asian games

As indicated by enrollment in the OCA, cross-country Kazakhstan partakes in the Asian Games however Egypt doesn’t, taking an interest in the African Games. Different nations taking an interest in the European Games as opposed to the Asian Games are in part or completely in Asia: Turkey, Russia (significant parts in Asia); Azerbaijan, Georgia (totally in Asia); Cyprus, Armenia, Israel (completely in Asia).


Asian games
Asian games


In 2007, the President of OCA, Sheik Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, dismissed the proposition to permit Australia to take an interest in the Games. He expressed that while Australia would increase the value of the Asian Games, it is uncalled for to the Oceania National Olympic Committees (ONOC).

Just seven nations, in particular India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand have contended in all versions of the games.

Rundown of Asian Games

Asian Games is situated in Asia

1951, 1982

1951, 1982





1962, 2018

1962, 2018

1966, 1970, 1978, 1998

1966, 1970, 1978, 1998























Host urban areas of the Asian Games

Version Year Host city(ies) Host nation Opened by Office of opener Start date End date Nations Competitors Sports Events Top-positioned group Ref.

I 1951 New Delhi India Rajendra Prasad President 4 March 11 March 11 489 6 57 Japan (JPN)

II 1954 Manila Philippines Ramon Magsaysay President 1 May 9 May 18 970 8 76 Japan (JPN)

III 1958 Tokyo Japan Hirohito Emperor 24 May 1 June 16 1,820 13 97 Japan (JPN)

IV 1962 Jakarta Indonesia Sukarno President 24 August 4 September 12 1,460 13 88 Japan (JPN)

V 1966 Bangkok Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej King 9 December 20 December 16 1,945 14 143 Japan (JPN)

VI 1970 Bangkok Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej King 9 December 20 December 16 2,400 13 135 Japan (JPN)

VII 1974 Tehran Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah 1 September 16 September 19 3,010 16 202 Japan (JPN)

VIII 1978 Bangkok Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej King 9 December 20 December 19 3,842 19 201 Japan (JPN)

IX 1982 New Delhi India Zail Singh President 19 November 4 December 23 3,411 21 147 China (CHN)

X 1986 Seoul South Korea Chun Doo-hwan President 20 September 5 October 22 4,839 25 270 China (CHN)

XI 1990 Beijing China Yang Shangkun President 22 September 7 October 36 6,122 27 310 China (CHN)

XII 1994 Hiroshima Japan Akihito Emperor 2 October 16 October 42 6,828 34 338 China (CHN)

XIII 1998 Bangkok Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej King 6 December 20 December 41 6,554 36 377 China (CHN)

XIV 2002 Busan South Korea Kim Dae-jung President 29 September 14 October 44 7,711 38 419 China (CHN)

XV 2006 Doha Qatar Hamad container Khalifa Al Thani Emir 1 December 15 December 45 9,520 39 424 China (CHN)

XVI 2010 Guangzhou China Wen Jiabao Premier 12 November 27 November 45 9,704 42 476 China (CHN)

XVII 2014 Incheon South Korea Park Geun-hye President 19 September 4 October 45 9,501 36 439 China (CHN)

XVIII 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Indonesia Joko Widodo President 18 August 2 September 45 11,300 40 465 China (CHN)

XIX 2022 Hangzhou China 10 September 25 September Future occasion

XX 2026 Nagoya Japan 19 September 4 October Future occasion

XXI 2030 Future occasion


Principle article: Asian Games sports

The normal for the version of occasions by the release of the Asian Games is of about 260 occasions with 24 games by release. Fifty-one games, spreading over 39 unique orders and about 400 occasions, have been a piece of the Asian Games program at some point, remembering the 2018 Games for Indonesia. The release where the biggest number of occasions was the Guangzhou 2010 Games, where 476 occasions in 42 games were questioned. The quantity of occasions changes as per version and the requests of the nearby sorting out board of trustees, alongside those of the host nation. It was set up in 2011, that the Games program would regard the possible changes to the Olympic Games program alongside this, eight amazingly well known games in Asia are in the program, in addition to up to 7 picked by the neighborhood organization.

Game Years

Toxophilism Since 1978

Sports All

Badminton Since 1962

Baseball Since 1994

B-ball All

Tabletop games 2006–2010

Weight training 2002–2006

Bowling 1978, 1986, since 1994

Boxing Since 1954

Kayaking Since 1986

Agreement connect 2018 in particular

Cricket 2010–2014

Sign games 1998–2010

Cycling 1951, since 1958

Dancesport 2010 in particular

Mythical serpent pontoon 2010 and 2018

Plunging All

Equestrian 1982–1986, since 1994

Fencing 1974–1978, since 1986

Field hockey Since 1958

Football All

Golf Since 1982

Tumbling Since 1974

Handball Since 1982

Judo Since 1986

Kabaddi Since 1990

Game Years

Karate Since 1994

Military craftsmanship sports 2018 in particular

Paragliding 2018 as it were

Pencak Silat 2018 in particular

Present day pentathlon 1994, 2002, since 2010

Roller sports 2010 and 2018

Paddling Since 1982

Rugby sevens Since 1998

Cruising 1970, since 1978

Sepak takraw Since 1990

Shooting Since 1954

Game climbing 2018 as it were

Softball since 1990

Delicate tennis since 1990

Squash since 1998

Swimming All

Synchronized Swimming Since 1994

Table tennis 1958–1966, since 1974

Taekwondo 1986, since 1994

Tennis 1958–1966, since 1974

Marathon Since 2006

Volleyball Since 1958

Water polo All

Weightlifting 1951–1958, since 1966

Wrestling Since 1954

Wushu Since 1990


Game Disciplines Years

Aquatics Diving All

Swimming All

Synchronized Swimming Since 1994

Water polo All

Baseball Baseball Since 1994

Softball Since 1990

Ball Basketball All

3×3 ball since 2018

Prepackaged games Chess 2006–2010

Go 2010

Xiangqi 2010

Paddling Slalom kayaking Since 2010

Dash kayaking Since 1990

Customary vessel race 2010 and 2018

Cycling BMX hustling Since 2010

Mountain biking 1998–2002, since 2010

Street cycling 1951, since 1958

Track cycling 1951, 1958, since 1966

Equestrian Dressage 1986, since 1994

Perseverance 2006 in particular

Eventing 1982–1986, since 1998

Hopping 1982–1986, since 1994

Tent pegging 1982 in particular

Aerobatic Artistic acrobatic Since 1974

Cadenced acrobatic Since 1994

Trampoline Since 2006

Military workmanship sports Jujitsu 2018 in particular

Kurash 2018 in particular

Pencak Silat 2018 in particular

Sambo 2018 in particular

Wushu 2018 just ¹

Mechanical games Jetski 2018 in particular

Paragliding Paragliding 2018 in particular

Roller sports Artistic roller skating 2010 as it were

Roller speed skating 2010 and 2018

Skateboarding 2018 as it were

Rugby association Rugby association 1998–2002

Rugby sevens Since 1998

Tennis Tennis 1958–1966, since 1974

Delicate tennis Since 1994

Volleyball Volleyball Since 1958

Nine-a-side volleyball 1958–1962

Sea shore volleyball Since 1998

Award check

All-time Asian Games award table

Of the 46 National Olympic Committees taking part since the commencement of the Games, 43 countries have succeeded at least a solitary award in the challenge, leaving three countries: Bhutan, Maldives and Timor-Leste yet to win a solitary decoration. 38 countries have succeeded at least one gold decoration (just Japan and India have done as such at each Asian Games), while Japan and China turned into the main two countries in history to rise as in general champions.

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total

1 China (CHN) 1473 994 720 3187

2 Japan (JPN) 1032 1037 985 3054

3 Sou

Fun and entertainment

Being individuals from ONOC, Australia and New Zealand takes an interest in Pacific Games since 2015. This movement was mooted again in 2017 after Australia’s cooperation in the 2017 Winter Games as they are in conversations to turn into a full Asian Games part from 2022 or 2026. However, the Australian Olympic Committee reported that Australia would be permitted a little unexpected of competitors for the 2022 Games, as long as the capability for Summer Olympics occasions, for example, b-ball and volleyball are through Asia.

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Ever, 46 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) have sent contenders to the Games. Israel has been barred from the Games since 1976, the explanation refered to as being because of security reasons. Israel mentioned to take an interest in the 1982 Games, yet the solicitation was dismissed by the coordinators because of the Munich massacre. Israel is currently an individual from the European Olympic Committees (EOC) and contends at the European Games.


Taiwan, Palestine, Hong Kong, and Macau take an interest in the Asian Games as per enrollment in OCA. Because of its proceeding with uncertain political status, Taiwan takes an interest in the Games under the banner of Chinese Taipei since 1990. Macau NOC is permitted to contend as one of the NOCs in Asian Games, notwithstanding not being perceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for cooperation in the Olympic Games.