Balakot – One of the Beautiful Town to visit

Balakot is a town in Mansehra District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. The town was annihilated amid the 2005 Kashmir tremor, yet was later reconstructed with the help of the Government.

Balakot is one of the fundamental urban areas of Mansehra District. It fills in as the main city of Balakot Tehsil, which is the biggest Tehsil of Mansehra District. It has additionally a Union Council and directs the many encompassing littler towns and towns.

balakot view
balakot view


The Sikhs endeavored to free Mansehra in the 1818 however were met with opposition from the possessing armed force. As the Mansehra locale fell under Sikh control, it was added to Punjab. The development set Waziristan, the Mohmand nation past Kunhar, Chitral and Yusufzai clans inside the control and obligation of the Indian government. Syed Ahmad Barelvi and Shah Ismail Shaheed, with the assistance of the Mujahadeen, including the nearby clans of tehsil Balakot from Kaghan to Garhi Habibullah drove numerous rebellions and assaults against the Sikhs. Finally on 6 May 1831, amid a savage fight, Syed Ahmad Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed alongside several their adherents were killed.The focal mosque of Balakot is named after Syed Ahmed Barelvi. The zones incorporates differing gatherings, particularly Pashtuns and Hindko speakers.

2005 Earthquake

The town was totally wrecked in a dangerous seismic tremor on 8 October 2005. The blame nearly goes through the primary bazar of Balakot. It takes after the bumpy region toward the north up to Allai and prompts the Bagh in Azad Jammu and Kashmir from the towns of Balakot like Kanshian and Jabri Kaleesh. This faultline – the Balakot-Bagh blame – is said to be the wellspring of the Kashmir earthquake.The assessed loss of life from the Balakot town and the areas in the influenced Kashmir territory was put at 73,000 with a few sources asserting the number is more than 80,000.

balakot earthquake
balakot earthquake

The 7.6-greatness tremor crushed 12 association gatherings of the slope town of Balakot, which housed roughly 40,000 individuals.

New Balakot city

At the point when a geographical overview of the old Balakot city was done for reproduction purposes in 2006, specialists found the nearness of two noteworthy blame lines – principle limit push and Himalayan frontal push – and 14 breaks under the old Balakot city regarding it profoundly hazardous for lasting living arrangement.

The movement of old Balakot was chosen in discussion with the common government, and neighborhood networks consented to give land to revamping another town free of cost at Bakriyal, somewhere in the range of 20 kilometers south of the old city.

The remaking venture began in 2007 costing Rs12 billion at a zone spread more than 11,463 kanals of land and was named New Balakot City where ERRA guessed manufacture houses for exactly 5,000 families.


Balakot is situated on the banks of the Kunhar River before it enters the Kashmir Valley.


Balakot has a moist subtropical atmosphere with sweltering summers and cool winters. Precipitation in Balakot is substantially higher than in most different parts of Pakistan. The heaviest precipitation happens either in pre-spring (February– March) related with frontal frameworks, or in the storm season (June– August); be that as it may, all months see critical precipitation by and large.