Best time to visit swat valley pakistan

Swat Valley is a year around vacationer goal, particularly lower Swat. Anyway the principle visitor season for Swat is from spring to harvest time (April to October). April-May is the best time frame to visit Swat, when the crisp green grass floor covering covers the inclines. June to August is the period when a large portion of the household visitors from sweltering fields of Punjab and Sindh escape from the warmth of summer and discover asylum in the cool Upper Swat. October-November is the period of harvest time when yellow and the brilliant shading is the most overwhelming shading in the background of blue sky. December-March are the winter months, the street past Baharin is snowbound during this time.

places to visit in swat valley pakistan
places to visit in swat valley pakistan

Best time to visit Swat Valley

Swat Valley stays opened a year in a year upto Keran. On the off chance that you need to investigate Swat Valley till Kalam, at that point best time to visit Swat Valley is among April and October. For hikking and visiting USHU Forest and Mahodand Lake, you should go in pinnacle summers, the best time to travel begins from mid of july to mid of September.

Managerial locale in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan is Swat valley. As a result of its lavish green fields, clear lakes and high mountains it has the extraordinary fascination for the vacationers and is famous as smaller than usual Switzerland or Switzerland of Asia. For the most part there is a particular season or time to visit places of interest far and wide however it is an exemption in Swat valley. In spite of the fact that there is consistently a great deal of fun and entertainment open doors for the sightseers consistently, and, after its all said and done we separate the year into three seasons to visit Swat Valley, as under:

High Season: During the long periods of June to August and November to December, there is traveling period and families from around the nation visit Swat Valley to make the most of their excursions. In these months, airfare and lodging rates increment because of surge and you may likewise confront issues in discovering some great inns or flights. In this way, at whatever point you are visiting Swat in these months, plan and book advance tickets and lodgings.

Mid-Season: During the long periods of March to May and September to October, it isn’t the pinnacle time for the travel industry in Swat. Mid-season, mid of fall season and spring season, to investigate the Swat Valley is a perfect time. At the point when trees in Parks are evolving hues, its unfathomably beguiling perspective. In this season, less accessibility and high costs might be the issue for airfare and lodgings.

Low Season: If you don’t waste time with some chilly climate, you can set aside cash to be spent for airfare and lodging costs. In the long stretches of January to early March, there is snow falling, lodging rates and airfare are decreased. Along these lines, this is the best time to remain longer in the valley and appreciate the normal magnificence.

wintor in swat valley pakistan
wintor in swat valley pakistan

High Season (June-August and November-December):

Vacationing families and Pakistani explorers on expanded occasion make the late spring months one of the most well known occasions to visit Swat Valley. Numerous local people leave the city during this time, in any case, which implies that it can feel less swarmed even while the travel industry is high. The Thanksgiving-summer Christmas season is a tremendous draw for travelers, party is high and the city is at its generally stuffed. During both of these bustling the travel industry periods, expect airfare and lodging rates to be at their pinnacle and accessibility to be low. Book well ahead of time.

Shoulder Season (March-May and September-October):

Though the travel industry isn’t exactly cresting during these months, they are still unfathomably prevalent occasions to visit Swat Valley. Mellow climate makes the spring and fall seasons perfect for investigating the Swat by walking, regardless of whether to a setting of blossoms and outdoors advertises in the springtime, or the changing shades of Central Park trees in the fall. High costs and low accessibility for both vehicle and lodgings is not out of the ordinary.

Low Season (January-Early March):

New York City is at its calmest during these cool mid-winter months, when snow is normal and temperatures drift somewhere in the range of 1 and 4°C. Lodging inhabitance rates plunge beneath 90%, and eatery reservations and theater tickets are simpler to dropped by. The drop in temperature implies a drop in both airfare and inn rates, which makes this an incredible time to visit the city in case you’re searching for a deal and are not annoyed by somewhat cold.

Vacationers all around the globe set their voyage to investigate Kalam, Mahodand Lake, Malam Jabba, Takht-I-Bahi, Saidu Sharif, Ushu Forest, Mingora and Buddha Stupas. Pashtuns overwhelmed zone where living style is straightforward and rich, captivating vocals of water streams and Swat waterway along street side is extraordinary compared to other experience while on visit to Swat valley.

swat valley landscape pakistan
swat valley landscape pakistan

Takht I Bahi

Takht-I-Bahi is situated in Mardan locale around 165 kilometers from Capital city Islamabad, Pakistan. Structure portrays the Buddhist religious community which draws in neighborhood and remote vacationers from all around the globe, to achieve it you have to climb 2 kilometers from Takht-I-Bahi advertise.


Mingora is 255 Kilometers from Islamabad City and stays as business center point of Swat locale, essentially vacation spots are Mingora Bazaar, Fiza Ghat River side, Fiza Ghat Park, lodgings and malls. You may likewise discover Buddha stupas, lavish green agrarian land where is developed, water channels and basic lifestyle in Mingora Town.

swat valley pakistan
swat valley pakistan

Saidu Sharif and Marghzar

On 7 kilometers drive from Mingora bazaar, saidu sharif is situated alongside PTDC , Serena Hotel.About 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif, Marghzar is found which is renowned for White Palace. Activities in Marghzar are shopping like shawls, floor coverings, conventional tops and touring of white royal residence design, lavish green greenhouse. White Palace built in mid 1900’s with white marble, neighborhood vacationers from all around the globe visit Marghzar to locate this lovely fascination of Swat valley.

Malam Jabba

45 kilometers from Mingora up along slope chairlift, skiing resort and pine trees are well known fascination in Malam Jabba. Street from Mingora to Malam Jabba isn’t in excellent condition it take 3 hours to reach from Mingora to Malam Jabba. In winters KPK the travel industry offers yearly Skiing challenge.

Madyan and Behrain

On drive of 52 Kilometers from Mingora City two traveler goals are found specifically Madyan and Behrain both are along Swat waterway and little water streams. These are renowned for nightlife like trout angles, fiery sustenances and astounding climate in summers.

swat water fall pakistan
swat water fall pakistan


Kalam the valley of thick backwoods, moderate temperature, visitors heaven, white streams and snow icy masses is around 95 kilometers from Mingora City at uneven street. Kalakot, Qandeel, Damlai, Madyan, Trout fish point are key fascination while on visit to Kalam Valley.

Ushu woodland

Profound shadows of rejecting trees and bushes weaving with slight breeze makes the cloudy beautiful woodland into celebrated vacation destination.

Kumrat Valley

52 Kilometers jeep track from Kalam an unexplored valley lies into lavish green level on Utrar-dir street along Panjkora stream. This valley don’t have lodgings, hotels and cafés, it’s ideal to have day trip from Kalam to Kumrat valley.