The Denver Mustangs are an expert American football establishment situated in Denver, Colorado. The Mustangs contend as a part club of the National Football Group (NFL’s) American Football Gathering (AFC) West division. They started play in 1960 as a sanction individual from the American Football Alliance (AFL) and joined the NFL as a component of the merger in 1970. The Horses are possessed by the Pat Bowlen trust and as of now play home amusements at Mustangs Stadium at Mile High (previously known as Invesco Field at Mile High from 2001– 2010 and Sports Specialist Field at Mile High from 2011– 2017). Before that, they played at Mile High Stadium from 1960 to 2000.


The Horses were scarcely aggressive amid their 10-year keep running in the AFL and their initial seven years in the NFL. They didn’t finish a triumphant season until 1973. In 1977, after four years, they fit the bill for the playoffs without precedent for establishment history and progressed to Super Bowl XII. Since 1975, the Mustangs have turned out to be one of the NFL’s best groups, having endured just seven losing seasons. They have won eight AFC Titles (1977, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1997, 1998, 2013, 2015, and three Super Bowl titles (1997 (XXXII), 1998 (XXXIII), 2015 (50). In any case, the Horses share the NFL record for most Super Bowl misfortunes (5) with the New Britain Loyalists. They have five players in the Professional Football Lobby of Notoriety: John Elway, Floyd Little, Shannon Sharpe, Gary Zimmerman, and Terrell Davis.



American Football Group

The Denver Mustangs have three AFC West opponents—the Kansas City Boss, Los Angeles Chargers and Oakland Thieves. All groups, alongside the Mustangs, were sanction individuals from the American Football Association (AFL), with each group put in the AFL Western Division. The Horses were scarcely focused amid the AFL years (1960– 69), going a consolidated 10– 49– 1 against the Boss, Chargers and Thieves.

Kansas City Boss

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The Horses have had a few essential matchups with the Boss, especially amid the years in which John Elway was the Mustangs’ beginning quarterback (1983– 98). The Mustangs vanquished the Boss at Sharpened stone Stadium in the divisional round of the 1997 NFL playoffs, in transit to their first Super Bowl triumph. The Boss right now hold a 61– 55 arrangement lead over the Horses, including the previously mentioned 1997 divisional playoff amusement.

Oakland Thieves

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The competition with the Plunderers was touched off in 1977, when the Mustangs progressed to their first Super Bowl by overcoming the safeguarding champion Looters in the 1977 AFC Title. The contention strengthened in the mid-1990s, when Mike Shanahan was enlisted as the Mustangs’ head mentor in 1995. Shanahan instructed the Marauders in 1988 preceding being terminated four diversions into the 1989 season. The Plunderers right now hold a 63– 53– 2 arrangement lead over the Horses, incorporating 1– 1 in the playoffs.

San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers

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Not at all like their records against the Boss and Looters, the Horses presently have a triumphant record against the Chargers, with a 65– 51– 1 arrangement lead, incorporating 1– 0 in the playoffs. The Horses pulled off one of the biggest rebounds in Monday Night Football history, when Peyton Keeping an eye on drove the Mustangs from a 24– 0 halftime deficiency to a 35– 24 win at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium amid the 2012 season. The two groups met in the playoffs out of the blue on January 12, 2014, at Denver’s Games Expert Field at Mile High, with the Horses winning 24– 17.


Seattle Seahawks

The Horses had an old competition with the Seattle Seahawks, who were individuals from the AFC West from 1977 to 2001, preceding the Seahawks’ turn to the NFC West as a component of the NFL’s 2002 re-arrangement. Amid the 25 years in which the Seahawks dwelled in the AFC West, the Mustangs went 32– 18 against the Seahawks, including a misfortune at Seattle in the 1983 NFL playoffs. Since 2002, the Horses have won three of five interconference gatherings, and the two groups met in Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014, with the Seahawks winning by a score of 43– 8.


Beside the previously mentioned AFC West groups, the Mustangs have had intra-meeting competitions throughout the years with the Cleveland Tans, Pittsburgh Steelers and New Britain Nationalists.

Cleveland Tans

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The Mustangs had a concise competition with the Tans that emerged from three AFC title coordinates in 1986, 1987 and 1989. In the 1986 AFC Title, quarterback John Elway drove The Drive to anchor a tie in the winding down minutes at Cleveland City Stadium; the Horses proceeded to win in 23– 20 in overtime.[49] One year later, the two groups met again in the 1987 AFC Title at Mile High Stadium. Denver took a 21– 3 lead, however Tans’ quarterback Bernie Kosar tossed four touchdown goes to tie the diversion at 31– 31 part of the way through the fourth quarter.

After a lengthy drive, John Elway tossed a 20-yard touchdown go to running back Sammy Winder to give Denver a 38– 31 lead. Cleveland progressed to Denver’s 8-yard line with 1:12 remaining, however Horses’ wellbeing Jeremiah Castille stripped Tans’ running back Sincere Byner of the football at the 2-yard line—a play that has been known as The Bobble by Tans’ fans. The Horses recouped it, gave Cleveland a purposeful wellbeing, and proceeded to win 38– 33. The two groups met once more in the 1989 AFC Title at Mile High Stadium, which the Horses effectively won by a score of 37– 21. The Mustangs did not win the Super Bowl after any of the title recreations where they crushed the Tans, losing by a total of 136– 40.

Pittsburgh Steelers

As of the finish of the 2015 season, the Horses and Steelers have met in postseason play eight times, tied with five different pairings for the most incessant playoff matchups in NFL playoff history. The Mustangs at present claim a 5– 3 playoff record versus the Steelers. Maybe the most important postseason matchup happened in the 1997 AFC Title, in which the Horses crushed the Steelers 24– 21 at Three Waterways Stadium, on the way to their first Super Bowl triumph.

After eight years, the Steelers furnished a proportional payback at INVESCO Field at Mile High, crushing the Horses 34– 17 in the 2005 AFC Title, and in this manner won Super Bowl XL. In the Special case round of the 2011 playoffs, in an amusement named The 3:16 diversion, the Mustangs dazed the Steelers 29– 23 on the principal play of extra time, when quarterback Tim Tebow associated with wide recipient Demaryius Thomas on a 80-yard diversion winning touchdown pass. The groups met again in the Divisional round of the 2015 playoffs at Denver, where the Horses crushed the Steelers 23– 16 on their way to a triumph in Super Bowl 50.

New Britain Loyalists

Broncos– Loyalists contention and Tom Brady– Peyton Keeping an eye on competition

The Mustangs and Loyalists met twice every year amid the American Football Group (AFL) years from 1960 to 1969, and played in the first-since forever AFL amusement on September 9, 1960. Since 1995, the two groups have met habitually amid the standard season, including nine sequential seasons from 1995 to 2003.

As of the finish of the 2015 season, the two groups have met in the playoffs five times, with the Mustangs owning a 4– 1 record. The groups’ first playoff coordinate on January 4, 1987 was John Elway’s first vocation playoff win, while the groups’ second playoff coordinate on January 14, 2006 diversion was the Horses’ first playoff win since Elway’s retirement after the 1998 season.

The diversion was additionally prominent for Champ Bailey’s 100-yard capture attempt that brought about a touchdown-sparing tackle by Benjamin Watson at the 1-yard line. On October 11, 2009, the two groups met with previous Nationalists’ hostile facilitator, Josh McDaniels as the Mustangs’ head mentor. The two groups wore their AFL 50th commemoration shirts.

The amusement highlighted a 98-yard drive in the final quarter, with a diversion tying touchdown go from Kyle Orton to Brandon Marshall, trailed by an additional time drive driven by Orton that brought about a 41-yard diversion winning field objective by Matt Prater. The two groups met in the Divisional round of the 2011 playoffs, with the Nationalists smothering Tim Tebow and the Horses by a score of 45– 10.

The Mustangs’ contention with the Nationalists later escalated when long-term Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Peyton Keeping an eye on turned into the Horses’ beginning quarterback from 2012 to 2015. Keeping an eye on and Nationalists’ quarterback Tom Brady kept up an unbelievable competition from 2001 until Keeping an eye on’s retirement after the 2015 season.Though Brady ruled Keeping an eye on in customary season play, winning nine of twelve gatherings, Keeping an eye on won three of five playoff gatherings, the remainder of which was a Mustangs’ 20– 18 win in the 2015 AFC Title.