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The Cleveland Browns are an expert American football group situated in Cleveland, Ohio. The Browns contend in the National Football League (NFL) as a part club of the American Football Conference (AFC) North division. The Browns play their home recreations at FirstEnergy Stadium, which opened in 1999, with managerial workplaces and preparing offices in Berea, Ohio. The Browns’ legitimate hues are dark colored, orange and white.They are special among the 32 part establishments of the NFL in that they don’t have a logo on their head protectors.

Cleveland Browns
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The establishment was established in 1945 by agent Arthur B. McBride and mentor Paul Brownas a contract individual from the All-America Football Conference (AAFC). The Browns overwhelmed the AAFC, incorporating a 47– 4– 3 record in the alliance’s four seasons and winning its title in each. When the AAFC collapsed after the 1949 season, the Browns joined the National Football League alongside the San Francisco 49ers and the first Baltimore Colts. The Browns won a title in their debut NFL season, and also in the 1954, 1955, and 1964 seasons, and in an accomplishment unequaled in any of the North American real elite athletics, played in their association title diversion in every one of the Browns’ initial ten long stretches of presence. From 1965 to 1995, they made the playoffs 14 times, however did not win another title or show up in the Super Bowl amid that period.

In 1995, proprietor Art Modell, who had bought the Browns in 1961, declared plans to move the group to Baltimore. After dangers of lawful activity from the city of Cleveland and fans, a trade off was come to in mid 1996 that enabled Modell to build up the Baltimore Ravensas another establishment while holding the agreements of all Browns work force. The Browns’intellectual property, including group name, logos, preparing office, and history, were kept in trustand the establishment was viewed by the NFL as suspended, with another group to be built up by 1999 either by extension or movement. The Browns were declared as a development group in 1998 and continued play in 1999.

Cleveland Browns
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Since continuing tasks in 1999, the Browns have attempted to discover achievement. They have had just two winning seasons (in 2002 and 2007), one playoff appearance (2002), and no playoff wins. The establishment has additionally been noted for an absence of steadiness with quarterbacks, having begun 29 players in the situation since 1999. Through the finish of the 2017 season, the Browns’ win– misfortune record since coming back to the NFL in 1999 is 88– 216In 2017, the Browns turned out to be just the second group allied history to complete a season 0– 16, joining the 2008 Detroit Lions. Through the 2017 season, the Browns hold the longest dynamic playoff dry season in the NFL, at 15 seasons.

The historical backdrop of the Cleveland Browns American football group started in 1944 when taxi head honcho Arthur B. “Mickey” McBride anchored a Cleveland establishment in the recently framed All-America Football Conference (AAFC). Paul Brown was the group’s namesake and first mentor. The Browns started play in 1946 in the AAFC. The Browns won every one of the class’ four title recreations before the association broke up in 1949. The group at that point moved to the more settled National Football League (NFL), where it kept on commanding. Somewhere in the range of 1950 and 1955, Cleveland achieved the NFL title amusement consistently, winning three times.

McBride and his accomplices sold the group to a gathering of Cleveland businesspeople in 1953 for a then-incredible $600,000. After eight years, the group was sold once more, this opportunity to a gathering driven by New York publicizing official Art Modell. Modell let go Brown before the 1963 season, however the group kept on winning behind running back Jim Brown. The Browns won the title in 1964 and achieved the title amusement the accompanying season, losing to the Green Bay Packers.

At the point when the AFL and NFL converged before the 1970 season, Cleveland turned out to be a piece of the new American Football Conference (AFC). While the Browns made it back to the playoffs in 1971 and 1972, they fell into average quality through the mid-1970s. A recovery of sorts occurred in 1979 and 1980, when quarterback Brian Sipe built a progression of a minute ago wins and the Browns came to be known as the “Kardiac Kids”. Under Sipe, in any case, the Browns did not make it past the first round of the playoffs. Quarterback Bernie Kosar, who the Browns drafted in 1985, drove the group to three AFC Championship diversions in the late 1980s however lost each opportunity to the Denver Broncos. In 1995, Modell reported he was migrating the Browns to Baltimore, sowing a blend of shock and sharpness among Cleveland’s committed fan base. Arrangements and fights in court prompted an understanding where Modell was permitted to move the group, however Cleveland kept the Browns’ name, hues and history.

Following three long periods of suspension while Cleveland Stadium was annihilated and Cleveland Browns Stadium worked in its place, the Browns began play again in 1999 under new proprietor Al Lerner. The Browns battled all through the 2010s, posting a record of 88– 216 (.289) since their 1999 return. The Browns have just posted two winning seasons and one playoff appearance (2002) since coming back to the NFL. The group’s battles have been amplified since 2012, when the Lerner family sold the group to representative Jimmy Haslam. In six seasons under the Haslam proprietorship, the Browns experienced four head mentors and four general directors, none of whom had discovered achievement. In 2016 and 2017 under head mentor Hue Jackson, the Browns went 1– 31 (.031), the most exceedingly bad two-year extend in NFL history, and got the main by and large draft pick every one of those years.

Logos and regalia

Cleveland Browns logos and regalia


The Browns are the main National Football League group without a protective cap logo. The logoless head protector fills in as the Browns’ legitimate logo. The association has utilized a few special logos consistently; players’ numbers were painted on the protective caps from the 1957 to 1960; and an unused “CB” logo was made in 1965, But for quite a bit of their history, the Browns’ head protectors have been an unadorned consumed orangecolor with a best stripe of dim darker (authoritatively called “seal dark colored”) separated by a white stripe.

The group has had different limited time logos consistently, for example, the “Brownie Elf” mascot or a Brown “B” in a white football. While Art Modell got rid of the Brownie Elf in the mid-1960s, trusting it to be excessively puerile, its utilization has been resuscitated under the present proprietorship. The prominence of the Dawg Pound area at First Energy Stadium has prompted a dark colored and orange pooch being utilized for different Browns capacities. Be that as it may, in general, the orange, logo-less protective cap proceeds as the essential trademark of the Cleveland Browns.

On February 24, 2015, the group disclosed its new logos and word denotes, the main contrasts being minor shading changes to the head protector with the cap configuration remaining to a great extent as it stands.


The first plans of the shirts, jeans, and socks remained for the most part the same, however the head protectors experienced numerous noteworthy updates consistently. The Browns outfits saw their first enormous change preceding the 2015 season.

Pullovers: 1. Dark colored: Brown (formally “seal darker”) with orange shaded numbers and composing, and an orange-white-orange stripe arrangement on the sleeves. 2. White (Away): white with orange numbers and composing, with a darker orange-dark colored stripe arrangement. 3. Orange: Orange with white numerals and composing, and a dark colored white-darker stripe succession.

Jeans: 1. Dark colored – Brown jeans with an orange-white-orange stripe grouping down 2/3rds the length of the jeans. the other third is “Tans,” composed in orange. 2. White – white jeans with a dark colored orange-darker stripes. “Tans” Is composed in Brown. 3. Orange – Orange jeans with a dark colored white-darker stripe grouping. “Tans” is composed in dark colored.

Socks: 1. Strong Brown. 2. Strong white. 3. strong Orange.

Protective cap: Solid white (1946– 1949); strong white for day diversions and strong orange for night recreations (1950– 1951); orange with a solitary white stripe (1952– 1956); orange with a solitary white stripe and dark colored numerals on the sides (1957– 1959); orange with a darker white-dark colored stripe succession and darker numerals on the sides (1960); orange with a darker white-dark colored stripe arrangement (1961– 1995 and 1999– present).