Comedian Umer Sharif

Umer Sharif, is a Pakistani stand-up humorist and Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Composer, Author, Poet and TV character. He has been respected one the best comics in the subcontinent.

Sharif was born in Liaquatabad, Karachi as Mohammad Umer. He changed his name to Omer Sharif when he joined theater. He began his showbiz vocation from Karachi as stage entertainer at 14 years old. One of his very mainstream 1989 satire organize plays were Bakra Qistoon Pe and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai.

Umer Sharif comedy king
Umer Sharif comedy king

A great part of the achievement originates from the way that he began to record his stage shows leased in a like films. Truly Sir eid , No Sir eid were the principal arrange shows to turn out on record. He is known in the Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and other south Asian belt as the King of Comedy. He was appraised as best comic ever even by Indian crowds. Indian parody rulers Johnny Lever and Raju Srivastava have called him “the God Of Asian Comedy ” on the Indian satire show “Parody Circus”.

Sharif was a visitor judge for one of the scenes of the Indian satire show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, close by Navjot Singh Siddhu and Shekhar SumanSharif additionally facilitated The Shareif Show, where he talked with film and TV on-screen characters, performers, artists, and lawmakers. He has likewise filled in as Master of Ceremonies for neighborhood and abroad occasions.

Umer Sharif’s girl, Hira Umer has quite recently died in Lahore February 17 ,2020.

Hira had been having kidney issues for some time and was admitted to a private emergency clinic in Lahore. She was supposedly exceptionally near her dad, Umer Sharif.

Hira withdrew from this world while Umer Sharif was on a three-month voyage through the United States.

As indicated by a US advertiser, her dad is headed back to Lahore and the updates on her miserable downfall has been kept in mystery till his flight. She had kicked the bucket of a coronary failure as indicated by Farooq Rubi, a nearby family companion.

Right now, Rehan Siddiqui said that Umer Sharif has not been educated about his little girl’s passing, he was just educated that his girl’s condition is terrible. Rehan Siddiqui said Umer Sharif had dropped the program in the US in the wake of hearing that his little girl’s condition was disintegrating. Sources said that Hina Sharif, little girl of Umer Sharif, was experiencing a kidney disease and was experiencing treatment at a Lahore emergency clinic where she died. She was the manager of the “Maa” Hospital in Orangi Town, zone of Karachi.

Umer Sharif daughter hina passed away
Umer Sharif daughter hina passed away


He has gotten National honors for Best Director,Best Actor in 1992 for Mr. 420. He has gotten ten Nigar Awards, he is the just one to get four Nigar Awards in a solitary year. Likewise three Graduate Awards and four national honors. He has likewise granted with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

In 2006, the Omer Sharif Welfare Trust was shaped with the expressed objective of making a “best in class wellbeing focus that offers types of assistance liberated from cost.”

The Shareef Show Mubarak Ho

The Shareef Show Mubarak Ho (already The Shareef Show) is a late night Pakistani syndicated program facilitated by Umer Shareef, airing on Geo TV. The show was first publicized on 26 October 2009 highlighting Ghulam Mustafa Khar as a visitor.

The Shareef Show welcomes big name visitors from the universe of film, TV, music, design, game and governmental issues.

Umer Sharif
Umer Sharif

Rundown Of Popular Stage Shows

  • Bakra Qiston Pay
  • Budha Ghar Per Hain
  • DOLHA 2002
  • Angoor Khate Hain
  • Aoo Sach Bolein
  • Excellence Parlor
  • Begum Meri BBC
  • Chand Baraye Farokht
  • Coolie 420
  • Specialist Aur Qasai
  • Dulhan Main Layke Jaonga
  • Eid Ashiqon Kee
  • Eid Tere Naam
  • Half Plate
  • Hanste Raho Chalte Raho
  • Murmur Sab Eik Hain
  • Murmur Se Milo
  • Jeet Teri Peda Meri
  • Laal Qiley Ki Rani Lalokhet ka Raja
  • Lahore Se Landon
  • Plunder Sale
  • Mano Meri Baat
  • Meri Bhi tu Eid Karade
  • Mr. Charlie in Karachi
  • Mujhe Tallaq Do
  • Umer Sharif Haazir Ho
  • Valima Taiyar Hai
  • Female Ki Email
  • Andaz Apna
  • Mamu Mazaq Mat Karo
  • Preparing Center
  • Tera Bakra Mera Qasai
  • Child samjha karo
Umer Sharif stage show
Umer Sharif stage show

Umar Sharif is no uncertainty one of the most exceptional craftsman with his fast mind that works and react amusingly well, this has stimulate his prevalence across fringe in India and Bangladesh where individuals can get the appeal of his jokes in either Urdu and Punjabi. His mimicry has been making individuals burst out in giggling. His quality in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2006-07 Finale was made as a main visitor to inspire and clean the youthful ability, there he was additionally adulated by the judges Shekhar Suman (Actor, Singer, Host) and Navjod Singh Sindu (Former Cricketer).

Sidhu in his gestures of recognition depicted Umer as a living legend on earth, while Shekhar contacted the heart with a profound line in his run of the mill style which goes like this App organizations ke bhi instituion hain meaning Umer Shareef himself is a foundation and guide for the various prestigious establishments who are cleaning the forthcoming abilities.

Bakra Kistoon Pay stage drama
Bakra Kistoon Pay stage drama
The Maa Hospital

The Maa Hospital is a magnanimous wellbeing place sorted out by Omer Sharif Welfare Trust for giving effective present day wellbeing administration to individuals any place required extraordinarily for the Art people group of Pakistan. A gathering of individuals with a background marked by offering different social types of assistance joined turn in 2006 to set up the Omer Sharif Welfare Trust. From this gathering, individuals will move in the direction of best in class wellbeing focus that offers types of assistance free of cost.The Maa Hospital is a magnanimous wellbeing place.

At the event of fruition of 50 years of Pakistan’s autonomy, he played out a play “Umer Sharif Haazir Ho”. Right now one (from each occupation) was brought in the Court and an inquiry was posed to every one of them that what have they accomplished for Pakistan in the previous 50 years. Due to this play, the Lawyer’s Association expressed a body of evidence against him.

Umer Sharif in show good night
Umer Sharif in show good night