Islamic examinations alludes to the investigation of Islam. Islamic examinations can be seen under no less than two viewpoints:

From a mainstream point of view, Islamic examinations is a field of scholastic research whose subject is Islam as religion and human progress.

From a conventional Islamic point of view, Islamic investigations is an umbrella term for religious sciences (‘Ulum al-racket) sought after by the ulama.

Religious philosophy

Principle articles: Islamic religious philosophy and Kalam

Kalam  is one of the “religious sciences” of Islam. In Arabic, the word signifies “dialog” and alludes to the Islamic custom of looking for religious standards through persuasion. A researcher of kalam is alluded to as a mutakallim.

Islamic eschatology

Supernatural quality

Fundamental article: Sufism

Sufism  is a spiritualist custom of Islam in light of the quest for otherworldly truth as it is progressively uncovered to the heart and brain of the Sufi (one who hones Sufism).

It may likewise be alluded to as Islamic supernatural quality. While different branches of Islam by and large spotlight on exoteric parts of religion, Sufism is primarily centered around the immediate view of truth or God through spiritualist practices in light of heavenly love. Sufism epitomizes various societies, methods of insight, focal lessons and groups of exclusive learning.


Fundamental articles: Sharia and Fiqh

Islamic statute identifies with ordinary and social issues in the life of Muslims. It is partitioned in fields like:

  • The investigation of sharia law
  • Islamic financial aspects
  • Islamic back
  • Islamic business law
  • Islamic family law
  • Qur’an and Hadith thinks about

Key qualifications incorporate those between fiqh, hadith and ijtihad.


Islamic rationality is a piece of Islamic investigations. It is a longstanding endeavor to make agreement between confidence, reason or rationality, and the religious lessons of Islam. A Muslim occupied with this field is known as a Muslim logician.

It is partitioned in fields like:

Early Islamic rationality

  • Avicennism
  • Averroism
  • Present day Islamic theory
  • Sufi rationality
  • Otherworldly theosophy
  • Rundown of Muslim savants
  • Illuminationist rationality
  • Islamic morals
  • Islamic mysticism
  • Sufi mysticism
  • Sciences

Principle articles: Islam and science and Science in medieval Islam

Islam and science will be science with regards to customary religious thoughts of Islam, including its morals and restrictions. A Muslim occupied with this field is known as a Muslim researcher

This isn’t the same as science as directed by any Muslim in a mainstream setting. Certain liberal developments in Islam shun the act of Islamic science, contending that science ought to be viewed as partitioned from religion as it is today in the West. As in Catholicism in any case, devotees contend that the managing part of religion in framing morals of science can’t be overlooked and should force total requirements on request.

Qur’an and science

Islamic creationism

Science in medieval Islam looks at the full scope of logical examination in the Muslim world, regardless of whether performed inside a religious or common setting. Critical advance in science was made in the Muslim world amid the Middle Ages, particularly amid the Islamic Golden Age, which is viewed as a noteworthy period ever of.

Timetable of Islamic science and designing

This field incorporates the investigation of present day and traditional Arabic and the writing written in those dialects. It likewise frequently incorporates other present day, exemplary or antiquated dialects of the Middle East and different territories that are or have been a piece of, or impacted by, Islamic culture, for example, Hebrew, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Azerbaijanian and Uzbek.

Islamic Architecture

Islamic design is the whole scope of engineering that has advanced inside Muslim culture over the span of the historical backdrop of Islam. Henceforth the term incorporates religious structures and in addition common ones, notable and in addition current articulations and the generation out of every other place on earth that have gone under the changing levels of Islamic impact.

It is exceptionally basic to mix up Persian engineering for Islamic design.

Islamic visual craftsmanship has, all through history, been essentially unique and beautifying, depicting geometric, flower, Arabesque, and calligraphic plans. Not at all like the solid custom of depicting the human figure in Christian workmanship, Islamic craftsmanship is ordinarily recognized as excluding portrayals of individuals. The absence of picture is because of the way that early Islam restricted the canvas of individuals, particularly the Prophet, as Muslims trust this entices adherents of the Prophet to excessive admiration. This preclusion against individuals or symbols is called aniconism. In spite of such a restriction, portrayals of people do happen Islamic craftsmanship, for example, that of the Mughals, showing a solid decent variety in well known elucidation over the pre-present day time frame. Expanded contact with the Western development may likewise have added to human portrayals in Islamic craftsmanship in current circumstances.

Similar religion

Islamic similar religion is the investigation of religions in the perspective of Islam. This investigation might be embraced from a preservationist Muslim viewpoint, which frequently observes Judaism and Christianity as having been initially like Islam, and later growing far from the root monotheist religion. In any case, some liberal developments inside Islam question the moderate view as being ahistorical; they assert that Islam is the final product instead of the cause purpose of monotheist thought.

Islamic financial aspects is financial aspects as per Islamic law. Since the Qur’an talked against usury with regards to early Muslim society, it by and large involves attempting to expel or rethink loan fees from monetary foundations. In doing as such, Islamic business analysts would like to deliver a more “Islamic culture”. Be that as it may, liberal developments inside Islam may deny the requirement for this field, since they by and large consider Islam to be perfect with present day mainstream establishments and law.

An intriguing field of study is the means by which Islam responds on the contact with Western advancement, and how Islam can make up for lost time with innovation without selling out itself. These examinations contain Islamic history, Islamic religious philosophy, Islamic Mysticism, and Islamic logic, and additionally the investigation of Western rationality, human science and politology.Islam and Modernity