Lake View Park, Islamabad

Big Park in Islamabad

Lake View Park  is arranged on Murree-Islamabad Highway. While venturing out from Islamabad to Murree a street turns right just before Barakahu and prompts this lovely park. The recently built park has turned into a most loved excursion spot for individuals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It  is developed close by Rawal Lake, which is a simulated supply that satisfies water requirements for urban communities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Development of CDA

The park was worked with endeavors of Chairman CDA (Capital Development Authority) Kamran Lashari. Arranged at the bank of Rawal Lake, the park is an entertainment place of worldwide principles. CDA has given beautiful establishments of entertainment mecca like traveler prepare and transports, amusements and fun rides for youngsters and senior citizens. The park additionally gives offices of enterprise sports. Divider (shake) climbing, paintball, quad motocross, auto avoiding, bike water crafts and speed pontoons are some of experience games to do in Lake View Park. Mechanized and basic water crafts are accessible for families and people. There is a little traveler prepare in the park.

Zoo in Lake view Park

There is zoo for uncommon types of winged creatures in the park. Washrooms are accessible for women and gentlemen on various areas in park. An eatery named “Dera” is putting forth sustenance and refreshment things for guests. There are additionally little refreshment slows down on better places that meet prompt refreshment needs. On the other hand, individuals can bring their own sustenance and stuff to appreciate outing with loved ones. There are flame broils introduced on better places in park where individuals can appreciate Bar B.Q. Park organization has additionally masterminded unrecorded music for guests. CDA has several specialists working in the park including planters, security monitors, sterile laborers and other administration staff.

view of lake
view of lake

CDA has shown list for all the fun action and entertainments accessible in the park. Parking is exceptionally huge and cheap. The place is additionally useful for winged creature darlings as the lion’s share of fowls of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can be found here. Lake View Park can likewise be achieved utilizing open transport. Vans of root No. 10 from Rawalpindi and root No. 127 from Islamabad can be utilized to achieve this park.