Moon Importance In Islam

There is no more prominent heavenly body known to man for Muslims than the Moon. Our month to month and yearly date-book is constrained by the Moon and the image of the Moon is utilized to speak to Islam.

The Importance of the Moon in Islam

From the beginning of time, the Moon has been firmly identified with mental soundness and feelings. When we glance back at the word insane person, a word that we partner with frenzy, we see this is gotten from a term depicting the Moon.

For what reason is there this association? From a logical viewpoint, it is basic. The Moon controls the tides in the Oceans and when we take a gander at ourselves, we are made up for the most part of water, with certain investigations saying that we are 75% water. In the event that the Moon can have such an extraordinary impact on the tides of the incredible seas, how might we deny the impact that it has on us?

This is the reason we have the word crazy person, as when we have a full moon (amidst a hijri month), our feelings are dependably the most astounding and that is the point at which we are well on the way to accomplish something that we typically would not do, when we can play out a neurotic demonstration.

The motivation behind why our hijri date-book pursues the Moon, instead of the Sun like the Gregorian date-book, is on the grounds that the Moon influences our feelings and the lunar month mirrors our feelings. At the point when there is a New Moon, toward the start of the hijri month, our feelings are the most steady and we can start the month with a reasonable head and clear feelings. As the month advances and the Moon turns out to be increasingly predominant and achieves the Nisf of the month (the center of the Month), our feelings become heavier and after that as the month closes, our feelings become lighter once more.

Since we have gotten this, let us currently take a gander at why this little bit of shake (the Moon) that is so little in the incredible universe of Allah (SWT) has such a raised position in the Quran Majid.

Rasulullah (SAW) said that his landing and the part of the Moon was an indication to humanity that the day of judgment was close. In Surah-al-Qamar, Allah (SWT) does the zikr or Rasulullah (SAW) part the Moon.

Two years before the Hijrah from Makkah to Medina, the doubters of Makkah came to Rasulullah (SAW) and requested that he demonstrate to them a wonder in the sky, where he split the Moon down the middle. Rasulullah (SAW) pointed with his finger and one portion of the Moon went towards Mount Qubais and the different towards Mount Qaiqa’an.

moon sighting
moon sighting

– For Counting Years and Start of Each Lunar Month:

Where it counts the importance of the sickle to Muslims, and as per Islamic lessons; bow is referenced in the Quran for bearing direction, and for ascertaining years:

It is He who made the sun a sparkling light and the moon an inferred light and decided for it stages – that you may know the quantity of years and record [of time]. Allah has not made this with the exception of in truth. He subtleties the signs for a people who know.” []

– For Knowing When To Fast:

Prophet Muhammad said; begin your fasting days when you see the bow of the start of month of fasting Ramadan (i.e The month for fasting in Islam on the Lunar Calendar), and quit fasting when you see the sickle of the month alongside it.

Quick when you see it and quit fasting when you see it, and on the off chance that it is darkened from you (excessively overcast), at that point consider it thirty (days).” [Sunan a Nasa’i].


Muslims Don’t and CAN’T Worship The Moon, Not Now, Neither Earlier!

Also, of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Try not to prostrate to the sun or to the moon, yet prostrate to Allah, who made them, in the event that it ought to be Him that you love.” [ 41:37]

On the off chance that a Muslim at any point did such an unbelievable marvel as (considering) that moon can mischief or advantage anybody, at that point he/she turns into an unbeliever! As Islam primary conviction is about Pure Monotheism.

It was dependably that route in the desert, even until current days, stars, sickle and the moon have been the manner in which Arabs determined their days, first of each Lunar month, referencing that couple of Arabs just are as yet living in deserts after the intrusion of the Skyscrapers in the greater part of Arabian urban areas.

Hence, moon for Muslims is nothing, and the sickle over the mosque is just some good for nothing convention, on some Muslim nations signals yet not on others, similar to Egyptian banner for instance, it might be simply to state “This has a place with Muslims and no other religion”. Furthermore, as per the lessons of Islam; neither the moon nor the bow speak to anything aside from computing days on the Lunar Calendar.

It is He who made the sun a sparkling light and the moon an inferred light and decided for it stages – that you may know the quantity of years and record [of time]. Allah has not made this aside from in truth. He subtleties the signs for a people who know” []