Nanga Parbet the killer Mountain – 9th Highest Mountain

Nanga Parbat means “Bare Mountain” is in Gilgit Baltistan, amongst Chilas and Astore Pakistan. Nanga Parbat is the ninth most elevated mountain on the planet at 8,126 meters above ocean level.

Nanga Parbat is the fourteenth most unmistakable mountain on the planet. It has earned an epithet of “Executioner Mountain” .

Beautiful view of Nanga Parbat


8126 meters/26,660 ft

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Height of Nanga Parbat,K2 the world most dangerous peaks

Killer Mountain

After 31 individuals passed on endeavoring to climb Nanga Parbat before it’s 1953 first rising, it was nicknamed the “Executioner Mountain.”

Nanga Parbat is viewed as the second hardest 8,000-meter top after K2, the second most elevated top on the planet, and in addition a standout amongst the most unsafe to climb.

By 2012, there were no less than 68 climber passings on Nanga Parbat.

First attempt in 1895

The British Alpine climber Albert F. Mummery led the primary endeavor to rise the ice sheet and snow-canvassed mountain in 1895, however he kicked the bucket in the endeavor.

First successful climbed in 1953

Nanga Parbat was first climbed, by means of the Rakhiot Flank , on July 3, 1953 by Austrian climber Hermann Buhl, a individual from a German-Austrian team.


Nanga Parbat has three courses with three long edges isolating these.

Nanga Parbat maountain map
The Diamir (West) face

Is by a wide margin the most prevalent face endeavored by groups with a minority endeavoring the colossal Rupal (south face).

The Rakhiot (north) face

Has gotten sporadic endeavors throughout the decades with just two courses finished. Between the huge countenances are three broad edges.

Nanga parbat north face
The Rupal (South) Face

Between the Rupal and Rakhiot faces is a long edge that plunges to Siberzacken at that point to Rakhiot Peak, and the Chongra Peaks. Partitioning the Diamir and Rakhiot Faces is an edge that plummets a short separation from the fundamental summit to Nanga Parbat North at that point keeps on dropping to Ganalo Peak.

Nanga Parbat is even long and troublesome under typical summer conditions,to assert a winter rising of a pinnacle, the summit must be come to between December 21 and March 20 in the Northern Hemisphere.

Since the winter of 1988-89, 31 groups have endeavored a winter rising of Nanga Parbat, a 8,126-meter top in the western Himalaya.

On February 27 2016, the group of Alex Txikon, Ali Sadpara, Simone Moro, and Tamara Lunger securely came back to basecamp after the principal winter rising of Nanga Parbat.

Huge rock-slide

It was in 1841 that a tremendous shake slide from the Nanga Parbat dammed the Indus stream. This made an enormous lake, 55 km long, similar to the present Tarbela lake down-stream. The surge of water that was discharged when the dam broke caused an ascent of 80 ft in the waterway’s 3 level at Attock and cleared away a whole Sikh armed force.

While Nanga Parbat has seen 31 winter endeavors, K2 has seen a tenth of that. With Nanga Parbat effectively summited in winter, the concentration will in all probability move to K2, the “Deadliest Mountain.”

Climbers make first winter ascent of Nanga parbat