Pakistan Air Force

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) ( reporting name: PAF) is the aerial warfare branch of the Pakistan Armed Forces, entrusted principally with the elevated guard of Pakistan, with an auxiliary job of giving air support to the Pakistan Armyand the Pakistan Navy. The PAF has a tertiary job of giving vital air transport and coordinations capacity to Pakistan. Starting at 2017, per IISS, the PAF has 70,000 personnel. It works 883 flying machine.

Its essential order and mission is “to give, in collaboration with other inter-administrations, the most productive, guaranteed and financially savvy flying Defense of Pakistan.” Since its foundation in 1947, the PAF has been included in various battle tasks, giving airborne help to Inter– Services’ activities and alleviation efforts. Under the Article 243, the Constitution of Pakistan appoints the President of Pakistan as the civilian Commander-in-Chief. The Chief of Air Staff (CAS), by statute a four-star air boss marshal, is selected by the President with the meeting and affirmation required from the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Pakistan Air Force is at present instructed by Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan.

Pakistan Air Force
Pakistan Air Force



Aviation based armed forces Strategic Command (AFSC), Islamabad

Northern Air Command (NAC), Peshawar

Focal Air Command (CAC), Lahore

Southern Air Command (SAC), Karachi

Air Defense Command (ADC), Rawalpindi


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The PAF has 18 air bases, involving 12 flying bases and 6 non-flying bases. Flying bases are operational bases from which flying machine work amid peacetime and wartime; while non-flying bases lead either preparing, organization, upkeep, Air Defense tasks or mission bolster.

Flying bases

PAF Base Mushaf (Sargodha)

PAF Base Bholari (Bholari)

PAF Base Masroor (Karachi)

PAF Base Rafiqui (Shorkot)

PAF Base Peshawar (Peshawar)

PAF Base Samungli (Quetta)

PAF Base M.M. Alam (Mianwali)

PAF Base Minhas (Kamra)

PAF Base Nur Khan (Rawalpindi)

PAF Base Faisal (Karachi)

PAF Base Risalpur (Pakistan Air Force Academy) (Risalpur)

PAF Base Shahbaz (Jacobabad)

Regular folks

Non military personnel Gazetted Officer





Work force

Rundown of Air Chiefs

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Air Vice Marshal Allan Perry-Keene (15 August 1947 – 17 February 1949)

Air Vice Marshal Richard Atcherley (18 February 1949 – 6 May 1951)

Air Vice Marshal Leslie William Cannon (7 May 1951 – 19 June 1955)

Air Vice Marshal Arthur McDonald (20 June 1955 – 22 July 1957)

Air Marshal Asghar Khan (23 July 1957 – 22 July 1965)

Air Marshal Nur Khan (23 July 1965 – 31 August 1969)

Air Marshal Abdul Rahim Khan (1 September 1969 – 2 March 1972)

Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry (3 March 1972 – 15 April 1974)

Air Chief Marshal Zulfiqar Ali Khan (16 April 1974 – 22 July 1978)

Air Chief Marshal Anwar Shamim (23 July 1978 – 5 March 1985)

Air Chief Marshal Jamal A. Khan (6 March 1985 – 8 March 1988)

Air Chief Marshal Hakimullah (9 March 1988 – 9 March 1991)

Air Chief Marshal Farooq Feroze Khan (9 March 1991 – 8 November 1994)

Air Chief Marshal Abbas Khattak (8 November 1994 – 7 November 1997)

Air Chief Marshal Parvaiz Mehdi Qureshi (7 November 1997 – 20 November 2000)

Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir (20 November 2000 – 20 February 2003)

Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat (18 March 2003 – 18 March 2006)

Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed (18 March 2006 – 18 March 2009)

Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman (19 March 2009 – 19 March 2012)

Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt (19 March 2012 – 19 March 2015)

Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman (19 March 2015 – 19 March 2018)[59]

Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan (19 March 2018 -present

erving Air Marshals

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Honors for valor

The Nishan-e-Haider  (Order of Ali), is the most noteworthy military honor given by Pakistan. Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas (1951 – 20 August 1971) is the main officer of the PAF to be granted the Nishan-e-Haider for giving up his life to spare an air ship from being seized to India. Other grants include:

Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmood Alam – granted for bringing down nine fighters, five in a minute, of the Indian Air Force in aerial battle.

Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui Shaheed – granted for declining to desert his gathering of warriors amid a fight in spite of his firearms being stuck. He proceeded with his endeavors to help his squadron in the fight by pursuing adversary warriors until the point when in the long run being shot down.

Pakistan Air Force
Pakistan Air Force

Uncommon Forces

Uncommon Service Wing

Ladies in the PAF

Beforehand, ladies had been utilized by Pakistan’s military in non-battle jobs just, for example, the restorative corps, and the PAF had stayed all-male all through its history. However, since 2003 ladies have been permitted to select in the advanced plane design and different projects of PAF Academy Risalpur, including military pilot preparing programmes. It has been expressed that norms are not traded off for ladies, the individuals who don’t accomplish indistinguishable execution from their male partners are dropped from the course. A level of isolation between the sexual orientations is kept up. For instance, early-morning marches are performed together however a few sections of preparing, for the most part physical activities, are finished with guys and females isolated. As per Squadron Leader Shazia Ahmed, the officer accountable for the main female cadets and an analyst, this likewise enhances certainty of the ladies.

In 2005 it was accounted for that two groups in the Air Force Academy’s flying wing contained 10 ladies, with numerous more in the designing and aviation wings. Cadet Saba Khan, from Quetta in Balochistan, connected in the wake of perusing a daily paper promotion looking for female cadets. She was one of the initial four ladies to pass the main phases of flying preparing on propeller-driven light air ship and move onto quicker fly fueled preparing airplane.

In March 2006, the PAF accepted a clump of 34 military pilots which incorporated the association’s initial four female military pilots. Three long periods of preparing had been finished by the pilots at PAF Academy Risalpur before they graduated and were granted their Flying Badges amid the function. Testaments of respect were given to the effective cadets by a “pleased” General Ahsan Saleem Hayat, bad habit head of the Pakistan Army, who recognized that the PAF was the first of the Pakistan Armed Forces to acquaint ladies with its battle units. One of the ladies, Flying Officer Nadia Gul, was granted a trophy for best scholarly accomplishment.

The other female graduates were Mariam Khalil, Saira Batool and the previously mentioned Saba Khan.A second clump of pilots, including 3 female pilots, moved on from the 117th GD(P) course at PAF Academy Risalpur in September 2006. The Sword of Honor for best all-round execution was granted to Aviation Cadet Saira Amin, the main female pilot to win the honor. Aeronautics Cadet Saira Amin won the Asghar Hussain Trophy for best execution in scholastics.

Religious minorities in the PAFIn September 2009 it was accounted for that seven ladies had qualified as operational military pilots on the Chengdu F-7, the primary female battle pilots in the PAF’s history, one of them being Ambreen Gull. Leader Tanvir Piracha stressed that if the female pilots “are bad enough according to their male partners, we don’t give them a chance to fly.” It was noticed that a portion of the female pilots wear the hijab while others don’t.

Religious minorities have served in the PAF with unique excellence since its beginning: Air Vice Marshal Eric Gordon Hall was Base Commander of Chaklala Air Base amid the 1965 Indo-Pak War; Air Commodore Nazir Latif; Group Captain Cecil Chaudhry fought in the 1965 Indo-Pak War and, later settled the Combat Commanders School (CCS); Wing Commander Melvin Leslie Middlecoat was Commanding Officer of No. 9 Squadron amid the 1965 Indo-Pak War; Squadron Leader Peter Christy; Patrick Desmond Callaghan is another Christian officer of who rose to the rank of Air Vice Marshal. He filled in as Eastern Air Force Command and Deputy Chief of Air Staff.Wing Commander Ronald Felix is an aircraft tester on the JF-17 Thunder since 2010 and was one of two PAF pilots flying the JF-17 at the 2011 Izmir Air Show in Turkey.