RAID 0, otherwise called plate striping, is a procedure that splits up a document and spreads the information over all the circle drives in a RAID group.A disadvantage to RAID 0 is that it doesn’t have equality. In the event that a drive ought to flop, there is no repetition and all information would be lost.

Since striping spreads information crosswise over more physical drives, different circles can get to the substance of a document, empowering composes and peruses to be finished all the more rapidly. Be that as it may, not at all like other RAID levels, RAID 0 does not have equality. Circle striping without equality information does not have excess or adaptation to non-critical failure. That implies, if a drive flops, all information on that drive is lost.

raid 0 ssd
raid 0 ssd


Capacity frameworks perform plate striping in various ways. A framework may stripe information at the byte, square or parcel level, or it can stripe information over all or a portion of the circles in a group. For example, a capacity framework with 10 hard plates may stripe a 64 kilobyte (KB) obstruct on the primary, second, third, fourth and fifth circles and then begin once again at the principal plate. Another framework may stripe 1 megabyte (MB) of information on every one of its 10 circles before coming back to the main plate to rehash the procedure.

RAID 0 is best utilized for capacity that is noncritical however requires fast peruses and composes. Storing live gushing video and video altering are normal uses for RAID 0 because of speed and execution. Plate striping without information repetition might be utilized for impermanent information, scratch space or in circumstances where an ace duplicate of the information is effortlessly recoverable from another capacity gadget.

Some RAID levels utilize circle striping to circulate and store information over different physical drives. Plate striping is synonymous with RAID 0 and spreads the information over all the circle drives in a RAID aggregate without equality information.

Focal points/burdens

The fundamental preferred standpoint of RAID 0 and circle striping is enhanced execution. For instance, striping information crosswise over three hard circles would give three times the bandwidth of a solitary drive. On the off chance that each drive keeps running at 200 info/yield activities every second, circle striping would influence accessible to up to 600 IOPS for information peruses and composes.

RAID 0 maintains a strategic distance from caught by not utilizing equality information and by utilizing the majority of the information stockpiling limit accessible. Alongside being anything but difficult to actualize, RAID 0 has the most reduced cost of all the RAID levels and is upheld by all equipment controllers.

The weakness of circle striping is low versatility. RAID 0 does not utilize information repetition, so the disappointment of any physical drive in the striped circle set outcomes in the loss of the information on the striped unit and, therefore, the loss of the whole informational collection put away over the arrangement of striped hard plates. It ought not be utilized for mission-basic stockpiling.

RAID 0 vs. RAID 5, JBOD and SSDs

RAID 5 is the most widely recognized variant of RAID utilized today and can be joined with RAID 0 or utilized as an option. RAID 5 can give more prudent repetition and stripes information crosswise over hard circles while circulating equality. It gives more usable stockpiling than RAID 1 yet has the burden of decreased execution due to revamps.