Rawalpindi History – Population – Civilisation

City was named after Bappa Rawal, the originator of Rawalpindi.

Somewhat more Insight on this warrior lord:

In eighth century A.D. Middle Easterner Muslims began assaulting India inside a couple of many years of the introduction of Islam, which was essentially an expansion of intrusion of Persia.

So as to avert Muslim intrusions over the western and northern fringes of Rajputana, Bappa joined the littler conditions of Ajmer and Jaisalmer to stop the assaults. Bappa Rawal battled and vanquished the Arabs in the nation and changed the tide for some time. Canister Qasim had the option to vanquish Dahir in Sindh however was ceased by Bappa Rawal. A few records state that Qasim assaulted Chittor, which was managed by Mori Rajputs, by means of Mathura. Bappa, of Guhilot line, was an administrator in Mori armed force as was Dahir’s child. Bappa vanquished and sought after Bin Qasim through Saurashtra and back toward the western banks of the Sindhu(i.e. current day Baluchistan). He at that point walked on to Ghazni and vanquished the neighborhood ruler Salim and in the wake of naming an agent came back to Chittor. After Raja Mori named Bappa Rawal his successor and coronated him King of Chittor, Bappa Rawal and his armed forces attacked different kingdoms including Kandahar, Khorasan, Turan, Ispahan, Iran and made them vassals of his kingdom. Hence he safeguarded India’s wildernesses as well as for a concise period had the option to grow them.

rawalpindi old picture
rawalpindi old picture

Rawalpindi is the fourth biggest city of Pakistan. It is in Punjab territory and situated in Pothohar district of Pakistan. Rawalpindi is in the northernmost piece of the Punjab area, 275 km (171 mi) toward the north-west of Lahore. Rawalpindi is otherwise called Pindi. Pindi is otherwise called twin urban areas alongside capital Islamabad. During the 1950s, the city’s economy got a lift amid the structure of Islamabad (1959– 1969) amid which time Rawalpindi filled in as the national capital and its populace expanded from 180,000 at the season of freedom. It is the authoritative seat of the Rawalpindi region. The absolute zone of the city is roughly 108.8 square kilometers (42.0 sq. mi). The City-District of Rawalpindi includes seven self-ruling tehsils. Rawalpindi is the military home office of the Pakistan Armed powers.


Occupants of Rawalpindi District talk an incredible assortment of Punjabi incorporates Pothohari, Majhi, Pahari, shahpuri, Dhani and Kashmiri. Despite the fact that Urdu is additionally the first language of few individuals however Urdu being a national language is spoken and comprehended by sizeable populace. English is additionally known and spoken by numerous individuals of Rawalpindi. Pashto is additionally talked about transients.

Rawalpindi has a major history as far as deaths. At first in 1951, Rawalpindi saw the death of the primary chosen Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan in Company Bagh which later turns its name as Liaquat Bagh Park. At that point in late 70’s Prime Minister Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged in Rawalpindi correctional facility. In 2007, Liaquat Bagh Park’s entryway in Rawalpindi was likewise the site of the death of Benazir Bhutto.

The city has two fundamental streets: the Grand Trunk Road and is referred to as The Mall as it goes through the cantonment, Murree Road breaks north from The Mall, its approach to Islamabad. Murree street which has been has been a problem area for different political and get-togethers. Others streets are Said Purr Road, Liaqat street, Kashmir street, Bank street, Civil Line street, Jamia Masjid street, Sarfraz Road, College Road, Rawal Road, Band khana street, Iqbal street, roundabout street, Haider street, 4-seventh streets and so on. Liaquat Memorial Hall was developed in remembrance generally Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan. It includes a gigantic theater and library. Workmanship appears, open shows and stage Dramas are performed directly here as often as possible. Patio nursery Rawalpindi well-laid greenery enclosure with games offices and kids’ park has been created close to the network lobby in Rawalpindi. Rawalpindi has its hugeness as far as its powers central station. It has home office of the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air power and furthermore has a functioning airbase in chakala cantt of Rawalpindi.

The archeological stays found here demonstrate the presence of a Buddhist people group contemporary to Taxila, yet less celebrated than its neighbor.

History specialists trust that the antiquated city succumbed to the pulverization brought about by the Huns. The principal Muslim trespasser, Mahmud of Ghazni (979-1030AD), talented the demolished city to a Gakkhar boss, Kai Gohar. The Gakkhars were a fiercly free clan of the Potowar Plateau. The town, be that as it may, being in the course of intruders, couldn’t succeed and stayed left until Jhanda Khan, another Gakkhar boss, reestablished it and named it Rawalpindi after the town Rawal in 1493.

Rawalpindi stayed under the standard of the Gakkhars till Muqarrab Khan, the last Gakkhar ruler, was vanquished by the Sikhs in 1765. The Sikhs welcomed dealers from different spots to settle here, which carried the city into the spotlight.

Cricket Stadium:

The cricket arena, worked in 1992 inverse the open park, has seen a portion of the world’s top cricket groups play one-dayers and test coordinates here.

There are numerous posts and different spots of vacation destination a couple of kilometers outside as far as possible. Rawat Fort is found 17 km east of Rawalpindi, on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road prompting Lahore. Gakkhars constructed the fortress, in the mid sixteenth century.

The grave of Gakkhar boss Sultan Sarang Khan is situated inside the fortification. He kicked the bucket in 1546 AD in a fight against the powers of Sher Shah Suri. Up from the messed up ventures inside the tomb, is an all encompassing perspective on the level and the Mankiala Stupa.

Pharwala Fort is around 40 km from Rawalpindi past Lehtrar Road. It is additionally a Gakkhar stronghold worked in the fifteenth century on the vestiges of a tenth century post. Mughal sovereign Babur vanquished the fortress in 1519 AD. In 1825, the Sikhs assumed control over the stronghold. In spite of the fact that disintegrating ceaselessly, it is as yet a fascination for palace sweethearts and the creative.

Rohtas Fort, an UNESCO world legacy site, is 109 km from Rawalpindi. It is situated around 6 km southwest of Dina.The fortress is a standout amongst the most noteworthy chronicled landmarks in Pakistan.

lalkurti bazar rawalpindi oldest picture
lalkurti bazar rawalpindi oldest picture