Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was a 28-year-old African-American lady who was found hanged in a correctional facility cell in Waller County, Texas, on July 13, 2015, three days in the wake of being captured amid a traffic stop by a Latino police officer.Her demise was ruled a suicide. It was trailed by challenges against her capture, questioning the reason for death, and claiming racial brutality against her.

Flat was pulled over for a petty criminal offense on July 10 by State Trooper Brian Encinia. The trade heightened, bringing about Bland’s capture and charge for ambushing a cop. The capture was somewhat recorded by Encinia’s dashcam, by an onlooker’s PDA and Bland’s very own phone. After experts assessed the dashcam film, Encinia was put on authoritative leave for neglecting to pursue legitimate traffic stop methodology.

Texas experts and the FBI led an examination concerning Bland’s passing and decided the Waller County prison did not pursue required strategies, including time minds detainees and guaranteeing that representatives had finished required emotional wellness preparing.


Questions have encompassed the passing of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old dark dissident, since she was found hanged in a Texas police cell in July 2015 after she was captured amid a traffic stop.

Those inquiries escalated Monday night when a 39-second video that she recorded on her cellphone surfaced openly out of the blue, in an insightful report communicate on the Dallas TV channel WFAA. The video indicates some portion of her experience with the state trooper who pulled her over.

The WFAA report included meetings with Ms. Tasteless’ family and supporters, who blamed authorities for hiding data that they state ought to have been made open right off the bat in the examination of her demise.

Who was Sandra Bland?

Ms. Insipid had been seeing family in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Ill., over the Fourth of July occasion in 2015. Ms. Insipid was one of five sisters.

She was intending to start a vocation at her place of graduation, Prairie View A&M, a truly dark state college situated in a generally rustic piece of southeast Texas, when she was pulled over close to the grounds on July 10, 2015, after a state trooper said she neglected to flag a path change.

What occurred at the traffic stop?

The trooper, Brian T. Encinia, moved toward Ms. Insipid’s vehicle, took her data and came back to his vehicle to work out a reference. The recently surfaced video starts when the trooper strolls back to her vehicle with the ticket.

Trooper Encinia inquired as to whether Ms. Insipid was O.K. what’s more, disclosed to her she appeared “bothered.” She said she was, on the grounds that she was being reviewed essentially for moving out of the trooper’s way.

The trooper at that point requested that her put out the cigarette she was holding, and she can’t. The experience immediately raised from that point.

The trooper requested Ms. Tasteless out of the vehicle, yet she won’t. He yelled that he would “yank you out” and attempted to do as such, however she stood up to. He hauled out an immobilizer and shouted, “I will illuminate you.”

By then, Ms. Dull escaped the vehicle. The recently discharged video finishes there, yet the experience stayed warmed; a little while later, Ms. Tasteless was yelling affront and obscenities and the trooper had her in binds.

cop who arrested sandra bland
cop who arrested sandra bland

What occurred in prison?

Ms. Flat was reserved and set in a lodging zone for ladies in the one-story Waller County Jail. After three days, on July 13, a watchman making rounds discovered her hanging in her 15-by-20-foot cell.

Waller County authorities said she was found in a “semi-standing position,” with a plastic refuse can liner reserved around her neck and joined to a U-molded metal snare overhead. Ms. Tasteless was articulated dead at 9:16 a.m. The specialists governed her demise a suicide.

The end result for the state trooper?

Trooper Encinia was arraigned on a charge of prevarication, the main criminal accusation emerging from the case. Fantastic hearers blamed him for owning a bogus expression when he guaranteed that his motivation in requesting Ms. Dull out of her vehicle was to all the more securely direct a traffic examination.

That charge was expelled in line with examiners, in return for the trooper’s guarantee that he could never again work in law requirement.

Why has this case resounded for quite a long time?

Ms. Insipid was a vocal social liberties advocate. Two months before her passing, she posted a video on Facebook in which she talked about police mercilessness. “Dark lives matter,” Ms. Tasteless said to the camera. “They matter.”

What will happen now?

The recently discharged video restores the open spotlight to the roadside encounter between Ms. Dull and Mr. Encinia. A large number of online watchers had just observed the experience from the officer’s dashcam video and in video shot by a spectator; presently it very well may be seen from Ms. Tasteless’ point of view, straightforwardly confronting Mr. Encinia at her vehicle window.

Ms. Flat’s relatives, who consented to a revealed $1.9 million settlement in an illegitimate demise common suit, are requiring a recharged examination concerning her capture and passing about four years back.