Soccer the world’s most popular sport

Soccer was first formally played on December nineteenth, 1863 in Limes Field, Mortland, London, England, United Kingdom.

As per FIFA, cuju was the most remote back predecessor to soccer.

As per FIFA, the Chinese focused amusement cuju (蹴鞠, actually “kick ball”) is the most punctual type of football for which there is logical confirmation.

Soccer ball

Soccer is a diversion played by two groups of eleven players with a round ball that may not be contacted with the hands or arms amid play aside from by the goalkeepers.

The sport of soccer all the more ordinarily alluded to outside the United States as football has for quite some time been a standout amongst the most well known games on the planet.

Soccer is brandish all the more usually referred to far and wide as affiliation football.


– A soccer ball (football for non-Americans)

– 2 sets of goals

– Playing space

– Teammates and opponent (technical games 11 vs. 11)

Purpose of the Game:

In soccer, you attempt to kick the ball into the rival’s objective, which is in this manner called an objective. You do that with your 10 different colleagues, while endeavoring to get scored on.

Rules :

Soccer is a restricted physical game. That implies that slight contact is fine. In any case, anything over that would be a foul/card.

There are a wide range of sorts of fouls.

Recreations are a hour and a half (+stoppage time, to represent diversion stoppages, similar to fouls) with two groups of 11 players each. There is generally one official and two collaborator arbitrators. In proficient recreations, there is additionally a fourth authority which helps the ref, demonstrates substitutions (changing out players, restricted to 3 switches) and indicating stoppage time (clarified previously).

Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks:


At the point when a player confers a foul, the ref grants a free kick or extra shot. A backhanded free kick is for minor fouls or specialized ruptures (i.e. offside). A circuitous free kick implies that ball is put where the foul occurred. One player can go to another player (or cross). In any case, in a circuitous free kick, the player regulating the free kick can’t shoot/score. For more significant fouls, the group is granted an immediate free kick. In an immediate free kick, every one of the principles are the same as a circuitous free kick, yet you can shoot/score. On the off chance that the foul happens in the punishment box, at that point the restricting group is granted a punishment box, where the player taking the punishment, remains on the punishment spot, and shoots, with just the goalkeepers permitted to stop it.