Upload android app on play store

The Google Play store is the greatest source Android clients go to for downloading applications, and having your application highlighted unmistakably on it guarantees more downloads.

Upload android app in play store
Upload android app in play store

This guide will tell you the best way to submit and discharge your application on the Google Play store.


  1. Requirements
  2. Prepare your application data
  3. Transfer the APK or application group documents for your application
  4.  Set your application’s substance rating
  5.  Distribute your application
  6. Conclusion


• Have an application!

• Your application will require an interesting Bundle ID to speak to it

• Also, a marked application discharge. This requires a marking endorsement, for information on the most proficient method to do this check here.

• If your application is too huge, you will require APK development documents to split it up into parts so it very well may be transferred (Google Play store’s greatest size for an APK is 100MB)

• You ought to be joined to Google Play Console and be a Play distributer

On the off chance that the entirety of the above is scratched off, it’s an ideal opportunity to present your application to the Google Play store.

 Prepare your application data

Sign into the Google Play Console utilizing your Play distributer account. To make an application, select All applications in the left-hand menu. Snap on Create Application so as to start making your application. Pick a language and enter a title for your application (cutoff of 50 characters). What’s more, proceed by clicking Create. On the accompanying page demonstrated as follows, you’ll include all the pertinent data about your application.

Upload android app in play store
Upload android app in play store

• Short depiction: A short outline of your application. This will be appeared on the application’s Google Play Store posting and is basic for persuading individuals to download your application. Pack the most significant and energizing data in the initial three lines.

• Full portrayal: Go into more insights concerning your application. You have a limit of 4000 characters. Feature advantages and key highlights. This is demonstrated when a client opens your application’s store posting.

• Screenshots: Essential to show your application in real life. Snap Add screen capture and transfer screen captures of the application. You are required to transfer in any event two screen captures, yet focus on seven or the limit of eight for the best outcomes and put the best ones toward the start. To be included in the Play Store’s “Intended for tablets” list, transfer screen captures of your application running on a 7-inch and 10-inch tablet.

• Hi-res symbol: This is the symbol that will be appeared in Google Play Store and on your clients’ gadgets when downloaded

• Feature realistic: This is marked as discretionary despite the fact that it’s fundamental since your application can’t be highlighted anyplace on the Google Play Store without a component realistic. Focus on an intense, clear, and straightforward picture that advances your image with insignificant composition.

• Video interface: You can likewise add a connect to a video of your application. This can be a YouTube interface.

• Application type: Whether it’s an application or a game

• Category: Business, travel, training, and so forth.

Ensure all your data is right in the contact subtleties and include anything missing. We’ll return to the substance rating, which expects you to round out a poll. Snap on Save Draft to spare your application data and we should move onto the subsequent stages.

Transfer the APK or application group documents for your application

After you’ve ensured all the requirements (one of a kind pack ID, marked application discharge, and extension documents on account of an enormous application) expected to discharge your application, it’s a great opportunity to really transfer the records before discharge. To do this, go to the App discharges area from the left menu.

Upload android app in play store
Upload android app in play store

You are given the alternative of the kind of discharge. Creation is the last discharge to present a live form of your last application to the Google Play store. Beta and Alpha discharges offer you the chance to test your application and get important input to make upgrades to your application before a last discharge. Instabug gives you the best instruments for getting the most extravagant criticism from your clients, all with just one line of code.

Learn more on the best way to Setup Effective Beta Tests with Google Play Beta Testing here

In the wake of choosing the sort of discharge, you will be diverted to the following page. Snap on Create Release to go to the New discharge to creation page.

• Choose whether you need to utilize Google Play application marking on your application or snap on OPT-OUT to disregard and sign in locally.

• Click on Browse Files.

• Choose your application’s APK or App Bundle documents to transfer.

• Click on Review at the base right of the page. This affirms and presents your application’s discharge data.

Before sending your application out into the wild, it needs a substance rating and an appropriation and valuing plan.

 Set your application’s substance rating

To set your application’s substance rating, you should go to the Content rating page from the left menu.


• Click on Continue.

• Enter your email address and affirm it.>

• From the choices, select your application class.

• Go ahead and begin filling in the review for your application rating. This is essentially to assist Google with recognizing if there is any express substance in your application.

• Click on Save Questionnaire.

• Click on Calculate Rating. This will show you the application rating your application will have on the Play Store.

• Click on Apply Rating to affirm your application’s substance rating.

 Set evaluating and a dissemination plan

In the event that you intend to have clients pay for the application you should set the valuing. Likewise, your application can be disseminated to chosen nations rather than an overall discharge. Go to the Pricing and dispersion page from the left menu.

Upload android app in play store
Upload android app in play store

• Select whether you need your application to be FREE or PAID. For more subtleties on the paid choice check here.

• Select Available for the nations you need your application discharged in. Select the Unavailable choice in any case.

• If your application is reasonable for youngsters younger than 13, select Yes for Primary Child-Detected. Something else, select No.

• If your application contains promotions, check Yes for Contains advertisements. If not, check No.

 Distribute your application

Since the whole agenda is done and we’re prepared to discharge the application, return to App discharges from the left menu.

Upload android app in play store
Upload android app in play store

• Click on Manage Production (in any case in case you’re discharging a beta or alpha form select that).

• Click on Edit Release.

• Then click on Review at the base right on the page.

• Click Start rollout to creation to conclude.

• Finally, click Confirm when incited.


Congrats! You’ve presently effectively revealed your application, and it will send all its data to Google for survey. Inside two hours your application ought to be delivered and distributed on the Google Play store in the nations that you’ve chosen.